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Preventive Maintenance Program

We understand how important your kitchen equipment is for you, and to avoid further expenses and losses in your business, preventive maintenance is highly recommended.


Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Plan

  • Inspections are critical for identifying small problems with your equipment before they turn into large, costly, repairs.

  • Investing in regular, low-cost maintenance and repairs can help to ensure that your equipment does not require more expensive repairs down the road, and it can save you a great deal of money over time by preventing you from having to replace costly equipment prematurely.  

  • Our professional technicians will inspect your equipment on a regular basis, assisting you in identifying any safety, operational, and maintenance issues.

  • Proactively maintaining your kitchen equipment WILL SAVE YOU MONEY in the long run.  You will experience less breakdowns, fewer repairs, and a longer service life of your equipment so you do not have to replace them prematurely.

  • You will receive PRIORITY SERVICE. We will get your service call resolved as soon as possible, often same day.


How does a Preventative Maintenance Program Work?

  • We work with you to create a maintenance plan just for you.  All kitchens equipment are different…and so are their needs.  Our experts will help set up the best preventative maintenance plan for your kitchen.

  • You choose the equipment you want covered – from all of the equipment in your kitchen to just a few select units.

  • You decide how often you’d like us to come – monthly, quarterly, twice a year-- 

      it's up to you.

Preventive Maintenance Service

  • We check safe and proper operation, calibrate temperature controls, check for wear and tear on the components of the unit, perform equipment maintenance, and address any specific issues that you may have while on site.

  • Any issues detected by our Technician will be communicated to the client and all repairs will be quoted for your approval.

Cooking Equipment

  • Check general and safe operation of equipment.

  • Check electrical connections for safe & proper operation.

  • Check all controls for proper operation & adjust as necessary

  • Check all burner and gas valves for safe and proper operation.

  • Adjust burners to operate at maximum efficiency.

  • Check & Calibrate temperature and controls, as needed.

  • Check all operations mechanisms such as springs, hinges, etc.

  • Check door hardware & gaskets.

  • Clean & adjust gas/air ratios & pilots as necessary.

  • Make recommendations for all repairs.

Refrigeration Equipment

  • Lubrication of all moving parts

  • Brush down coils to remove surface debris

  • Blow out condensate drains if blocked

  • Inspect for vibrations & noise

  • Inspect heaters

  • Inspect fan assemblies

  • Check door gaskets, hinges, proper operation

  • Check (& adjust if needed):

    • Temperatures

    • Pressures

    • Belts

  • Inspect equipment drains & condensate pans for deterioration

  • Make recommendations for all repairs