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Avoid Spoilage with a Commercial Refrigeration Repair


The last thing you want is to enter your restaurant and find out that your refrigerator or freezer has stopped working. If it is unable to maintain temperature or frost is building on everything, it’s time to schedule a commercial refrigeration repair.


At Restaurant & Kitchen Solutions, we have licensed technicians in order to help with commercial refrigeration repair. We work on built-in and freestanding coolers and freezers on a regular basis. We work with all of the top models, providing you with peace of mind that we can get yours running properly again.


We keep many common parts on our trucks, making it easy to provide a refrigeration repair on site. In the event that we need to order parts, we will do so quickly so that you are not without a refrigerator for any longer than what is absolutely necessary.


Call us now to get your refrigeration repair scheduled.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair